India’s First and Only Rent A Crowd Platform.

We’re are India’s first and only Rent a Crowd Platform.

Bheed Gnr8tr has crowds for hire/rent throughout India, which means you need not worry about the geographical location to source crowds.

We are building a database of registered people (KYC and non-KYC verified) of all ages, genders, races, shapes, and sizes. So you can rest assured that our actors are genuine and can be traced if required. Our trained pan India staff will ensure minimum travel costs and professional crowd and event management.

There are multiple reasons to rent a crowd :-

  • New product(s), business, shop, showroom, mall, supermarket, restaurant, eatery, cafe, multiplex, theater launch, or opening ceremony.
  • Website or Mobile App launch.
  • Testing Website, mobile app, product.
  • Weddings.
  • Private parties, events, functions.
  • Qualified delegates for workshops, seminars, events, conferences, exhibitions, etc.
  • Candle March
  • Silent Protests
  • Rallies, campaigns, workshops, gatherings, demonstrations, sit-ins, hunger protests, public events, processions, etc.
  • Flash Mobs
  • Performers for various events, bands, themed parties, etc.
  • Movie or T.V. Program, web series launch, auditions, release, etc.
  • PR Stunts for various events, movies, serials, and webseries.
  • Zoom/Webex/Meet/Teams Calls.

A platform for your rent/hire a crowd contracts and management, crowd on-demand, and event management!

Join today to earn money by taking up assignments or attending events of your choice or the ones generated by our system.

Get paid to be a part of a crowd by registering with Bheed Gnr8tr to source or hire or rent crowds or participate.

Inviting registrations from people, offline groups, students, actors, junior actors, extras, PR firms, Auditions, talent organizations, and crowd contractors to be a part of Bheed Gnr8tr Online.

We are one of a kind crowd contracting/Hire-A-Crowd/Rent-A-Crowd platform for all your requirements. So you need not worry if you need a crowd on demand.

Mobilize Crowds or actors in a few clicks through the Bheed Gnr8tr platform.

Whatever you need for your “crowd for hire” or rent a crowd or hire a crowd we have it available so join today to know the benefits of our “Rent A Crowd” platform.

The Bheed Gnr8tr can help you with your requirements all you need to do is register and contact us with your requirements.

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Queries from Groups/PR Agencies/Casting/Production Houses/Companies/Individuals to Rent A Crowd or be a part of the Crowd.


Need Publicity/Zing/Excitement for your next event?

India's first and only rent a crowd platform, Bheed Gnr8tr is proud to offer our Hire-A-Crowd service to our clients that are looking to add some fun and excitement/zing/publicity to their special event. Along with crowds of happy and excited people, Bheed Gnr8tr also offers paparazzi photographers, local celebrities, a television interviewer, "selfie" taking super fans! Make your guests, award nominees, potential customers, or maybe even your Mom feel extra special by hiring our professional and memorable crowd. They will make sure to shower all of your VIPs with tons of adoration and oodles of attention!

Bring down your Ad spends

Join the Bheed Gnr8tr - India's first and only Rent A Crowd platform and bring down your ad spends!! Imagine spending on crores to run an ad in a popular newspaper or prime time. Now you can spend a tenth of that to get right in front of people.

Crowd on Demand -Getting paid through The Bheed Gnr8tr?

Online Payouts to actors/users/talent through all popular modes of money transfer on The Bheed Gnr8tr - India's First and Only Rent A Crowd/Crowd On-Demand Platform. Registered users who have completed the assignments or attended the events will get paid online through the Bheed Gnr8tr Platform.