How does on Rent-A-Crowd in India? It is really easy to rent a crowd or get a crowd on-demand or hire a crowd in India through the Bheed Gnr8tr platform.

We only entertain genuine requests and require you to register in case you need to discuss your requirements and need a quotation. Any request without a formal registration and proper KYC will not be entertained.

Registration fees for prospective Clients are 100% free for the time being. We will levy registration fees after the first 500 Client Registrations.

how to rent a crowd in india?

Existing crowd contractor(s) or an organization(s), PR agency(ies), individual, group(s) interested in Crowd-On-Demand/Hire-A-Crowd, talent and models management, or casting director/agency for auditions across India can discuss your requirements with our experienced and professional crowd, talent, and events management team.

Our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the best solution basis your exact requirements for your crowd and event including numbers, gender, and personalities, demographics.

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