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As a token of appreciation for joining the Bheed Gnr8tr Online family, we have enabled a referral scheme for all our members using which they can earn points and redeem them later for awesome membership benefits.

The Bheed Gnr8tr Dhamaka Referral Program

You can copy your referral link from your profile (My referral link :). Please share the referral link with all your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and telegram, etc.

Each member will need to refer to a minimum of 10,000 members to be eligible for rewards.

A list of the membership benefits will be published once the members’ count goes to 1,00,000.

T & C Apply.


The Bheed Gnr8tr!!!

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The Bheed Gnr8tr

I am the Bheed Gnr8tr. अपुन ही भगवान है !!!


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