India’s first and only RentACrowd platform that allows you to rent actors and performers for,

  • New product(s), business, shop, showroom, mall, supermarket, restaurant, eatery, cafe, multiplex, theater launch, or opening ceremony.
  • Qualified delegates for workshops, seminars, and events, conferences, exhibitions, etc.
  • Candle March
  • Silent Protests
  • Rallies, campaigns, workshops, gatherings, demonstrations, sit-ins, hunger protests, public events, processions, etc.
  • Flash Mobs
  • Performers for various events, bands, themed parties, etc.
  • Movie or T.V. Program, web series launch, auditions, release, etc.
  • PR Stunts for various events, movies, serials, web series.

Come and join the revolutionary platform. Earn money to be a part of the crowd.

The Bheed Gnr8tr

I am the Bheed Gnr8tr. अपुन ही भगवान है !!!