“Hire-A-crowd” and “Rent-A-crowd”, what do they mean as per Investopedia?

A rent-a-crowd is a group of people hired to make a business, rally, protest, or other public event appear busy, popular, and well-supported.

Rent-a-crowds are sometimes employed at the grand opening of a new business. Droves of interested-looking attendees can give the impression that the products or services the business provides are special and tempting real customers to come and see what all the fuss is about. Rent-a-crowds may also be used by political candidates, talent and modeling agencies, PR firms, or any group or community to simulate broad public interest or support or organize large public gatherings or events, etc.

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Some excerpts from Hindustan Times, Irish Times, Times of India…

This is business as usual at Hajipur’s leading ‘rent-a-crowd‘ shop. As the size of the crowds in political rallies determines the electoral solvency of ticket aspirants… (External Link)

A former Indian politician who launched a rent-a-crowd company recently in southern Kerala state to provide enthusiastic… (External Link)

For rates ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 1,200, students, are being paid to attend political rallies in and outside Chennai. With the assembly election …(External Link)

Nayaz, 25, who stays in a slum near Modi Hospital, Rajajinagar, didn’t know why he was near the Congress Bhavan last week. (External Link)

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